Yes, we are licensed in roofing. We are also licensed in Concrete, Masonry, and General Contracting. 

Roofing: 104-017613

GC: TGC030961

Masonry: MC6449

Concrete: MC6449 

Tuckpointing is important because it helps to seal up cracks in buildings. If there are cracks in a building, water can get inside and cause the building to rot or crumble. Tuckpointing helps to prevent this by filling in the cracks so that water cannot get inside.

If you look at the outside of your building and see that the bricks are cracked, or that there is mortar falling out from between the bricks, then your building needs tuckpointing. Over time, the mortar can wear down from weather and age, and it needs to be replaced to keep your building strong.

When the bricks on your house start to crack or fall out, it’s time to call a tuckpointing professional.

The cost of tuckpointing depends on a number of factors:

  1. The size and scope of the tuckpointing project
  2. The level of difficulty of the tuckpointing project
  3. Amount of time it will take to do the job
  4. The type of materials being used
  5. The condition of the existing mortar

Yes, we are licensed in tuckpointing and masonry! We are also licensed for concrete, roofing, and general contractors.

Here is our license # 

 Masonry: MC6449

Concrete: MC6449

Roofing: 104-017613

General Contractor: TGC030961

The estimator should get back to you within 48hrs

Tuckpointing should be done every 10 -15 years.

No, we do not sell bricks or stones.

Yes, we provide tuckpointing services for both residential and commercial properties. We specialize in restoring the structural integrity of buildings by repairing cracks and gaps in mortar joints.

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